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Wild Blueberry Chocolate Bar

Wild Blueberry Chocolate Bar

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Wild Blueberry & Australian grown Cacao

This luxurious 100g, Limited Edition block of silky 70% Australian grown Trinitario cacao comes from trees grown in tropical far north Queensland by local farmers. Each irresistible bite is slightly sweetened with nectar from coconut blossoms and holds wild antioxidant-rich blueberries dotted within. The Australian grown cacao has a distinct and fruity flavour of blackberries and goji berries. By supporting Australian farmers you can help to reduce food miles and support ethical and sustainable practices.

Australian sustainably grown cacao, dehydrated coconut blossom nectar *, wild blueberries* (apple juice sweetened sunflower oil), sunflower lecithin Cacao solids 70% Allergy statement - may contain traces of milk, peanuts, sesame.


Wild blueberries are smaller than farmed blueberries and contain higher amounts of antioxidants and nutrition. These Canadian wild blueberries grow naturally without any human intervention (no chemicals or fertilisers). We believe they are nutritionally superior to organically farmed blueberries. Their dark blue colour shows they are a rich source of anthocyanins. These wild blueberries are apple juice infused, and have no refined cane sugar added.